Fitness Goal: To Become More Limber and Flexible

Now I just need to come up with a feasible plan to make this happen!

The Reboot!

On October 21st I watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man’s journey to a healthy lifestyle, for the second time. I saw it for the first time last summer and wanted to do what’s called a “reboot,” but I couldn’t afford a juicer. When I moved into my apartment this fall, my mom gave me a juicer! So I watched the documentary again and set out on the 10 day reboot. Before starting the reboot, I had to make a few changes and prepare my mind and body for the next ten days. So I transitioned off of animal protein (which wasn’t too hard since I was already considering becoming a vegetarian/pescatarian) , off of dairy products, and off of processed foods. 

I made my first juice last night. You’re usually supposed to “prep” for five days, but I felt three was enough for me. Lol. So for dinner I drank kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber, ginger, a green apple, and a lemon. With each sip I was sure I was going to throw up. Luckily that didn’t happen. Instead, I was finally able to take a dump, which I hadn’t done in the previous three days, something that’s uncommon for me since I usually go at least once a day. This morning I decided to have something a little more tasty and made a strawberry, raspberry, banana smoothie with coconut water. It was delicious!

The premise of the reboot is to only eat fruits and vegetables for ten days. You can juice them, blend them, or cook them (in preferred ways like baking, or broiling). So, I’m considering today day two since I only ate fruits and veggies yesterday. 8 more days to go!

I definitely recommend watching the documentary. It can be found on Netflix and you can watch the movie trailer on YouTube. 

I’m usually against “dieting” and “fasting,” but this isn’t your ordinary fast. I’ll still be eating 3 or 4 times a day, I’m eating nutritious foods with tons of micronutrients, and it’s something that can be maintained for a long time if desired. I’m hoping this reboot will kind of cleanse my system and help me start eating healthier on a regular basis. Once I finish, I’ll slowly re-introduce fish, and some dairy products into my diet and continue eating mostly fruits and vegetables. I’ll also start back exercising. 

If you’re interested in seeing how this plays out, just stay tuned. You know I’ll keep ya posted! :)

And if you want to learn more about rebooting, just visit

March Goals

I said I would post them today, so here they are: 

  • Eat dessert a max of 3x a week. 
  • Workout 6x a week. 
  • Eat breakfast 4x a week. I only say 4 because I know it’s not likely that I will wake up early enough for breakfast on the weekends. I also know I don’t always feel like getting up, so I’m being realistic. 
  • Not pass my calorie limit and log everything on myfitnesspal
  • Start practicing mindful eating (I’ll make a post on what this is later)
  • Lose 4lbs

I know this sounds like a lot, but it’s not. It’s just about making better decisions and making time to workout. I will begin tomorrow, but majority of the tracking (dessert 2x, breakfast 4x, etc) will start next week since this week is pretty much over. 

Wish me luck, and of course I will keep y’all updated on my progress. 


My newest, and longest term goal is to reach my UGW, or at least the 160s, by my 21st birthday!! I’ll be 21 on Aug 26th, which gives me a good 6 months, including the month of August. Even if I lose 3lbs each month, I’ll hit 169 by the end of August, but my goal is to lose 4lbs each month and then I’ll hit 163! Whooo, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me!!!

Goals for the Week

As you all know, I have not been doing very well health wise all month. My eating has been bad and I haven’t worked out much (only 14 days out of the month so far). My goal is to turn it around this last week of February and go out with a bang so that I can start March off strong. Before I say what my goals are, let me tell you that I had a great workout today. I went back to the Cardio Kickboxing class and got my butt kicked, again. It was a lot of fun though and I was definitely exhausted afterwards. 

Okay, so my goals for this week are to:

  • Workout EVERYDAY, including Sunday. 
  • Not pass my calorie limit at all. 
  • Drink 9 glasses of water everyday. 

Simple and a little challenging, but definitely do-able for one week. I’ve also done a little math. So if I can stay on track for the next four months. I can lose about 15 more pounds by the end of June, which means I’ll definitely look smaller by the summer! It’s good to have short and long term goals. I have my goals for the week, and a big goal for the next four months. 

Also, every goal should have a reward. So at the end of the week WHEN I meet my goals, I will treat myself to Coldstones or maybe In-N-Out!!! :) I’ll think of a reward for my long term goal later.


A New Month, Hello February

Wow. It’s February already! Usually I would make a list of goals I have for the month, but I don’t think I’m going to do that this time around. Although it worked well for me in the beginning of December, it didn’t do me well during January. Having too many goals makes it hard to focus on all of them. Plus, I don’t like all of the pressure. I like feeling like it’s okay if I mess up every now and then. 

So, for February, I just want to keep eating healthy, and working out regularly. The biggest, and probably most difficult, goal I have is to ONLY weigh myself three times (every two weeks) this month. Yesterday morning I woke up, saw myself in the mirror, and was happy to see results. It had nothing to do with numbers on a scale. Having a scale in my bathroom is so tempting, so I’ll have to put it away somewhere. Out of sight, out of mind.  I’ll be weighing myself on the 2nd, 15th, and 29th. My other goal is to take pictures of what I eat throughout the day, and post them here. I’m hoping it will help keep me from straying away remaining healthy. 

If I come up with more specific goals as the month goes on, I’ll be sure to share them with you all. 

December Goals

It’s a new month, so I think it’s only right to have new goals dedicated to this month (plus everyone else is doing it lol). 

Here they are:

  • Lose at least 5 pounds (more would be nice)
  • Be able to walk up the crazy steps (my parents call them “Aztec Mountain”) at least 5 times in one workout
  • Get an A on my workouts! So since I want to workout 6 days a week, that’s 24 workouts, I can’t miss any more than 2 workouts. And put away $2 for every week that I complete 6 workouts to be used (3 months or so) later for a reward. 
  • Get an A on my calorie and carb intake. So out of 31 days, I can only have 3 bad days. 
  • Drink 9 cups of water a day. 
  • Never skip breakfast. Or a meal for that matter. This will be extremely hard for the first two weeks while I’m still at school. Mainly because I barely have any meal swipes left. (today is the only day I’ll skip breakfast. I will be making a trip to the store)
  • Stretch everyday (that’s gonna be a tough one)

New Goal

I read through a fitness magazine last night, and it was kind of inspiring. Btw, I didn’t realize how long it takes to read through an entire magazine. Anyways, my new goal is to look like I can be a fitness model, if I don’t actually become one. I think it’s a better goal than just 160lbs, because there is no telling what I will look like at 160lbs. But I know that if I look something like a fitness model, that means I’m lean, toned, and muscular. Most of all, I want to be healthy, but to have a rocking body like a fitness model is definitely high on the list too. 

BigFatShoe Challenge

I’ve decided to do the two month challenge! Below you’ll see I’m wearing a red shirt and a black and white dress. I want these two pieces of clothing to fit me WELL. So as I track my progress for the next two months, I vow to not put these on again. After two months, I’ll take more pictures, and hopefully there will be a difference!

Disclaimer: I originally took these pictures on November 8th

Goals and Rewards

So my Ultimate Goal Weight is 160lbs and I’m starting at 198. 

Here is my reward process:

190lbs: Buy new pair of running shoes

180lbs: New speakers for my room

170lbs: New hairstyle (most likely highlights, or a whole new color)

160lbs: Clothes Shopping!!!